Jonetta J. Kapusta-Dorogi

OSBA Family Relations Law Certified Specialist

The circumstances leading up to a divorce are rarely happy ones. The sense of betrayal and emotional conflict can be overwhelming. However, no matter how bitter the end of your marriage was, your divorce does not need to be equally bitter. There are many alternatives that will leave you in both an emotionally and financially better state.

My practice is dedicated solely to reducing conflict in divorce proceedings and helping clients find common interests with their ex-spouse for their own benefit. I use solutions such as principled litigation, collaborative divorce, and mediation to help you take control of the outcome and reduce your legal costs. Clients who use these alternative dispute resolution methods in divorce are frequently more satisfied with the outcome and don’t report the sense of bitterness that is often felt after a hotly-contested divorce.

I am an Ohio State Bar Association Certified Family Law Specialist and have been practicing family law for over 24 years. In addition to working directly with individual clients, I am frequently called by other attorneys who need help resolving a high-conflict divorce.

If you’re in Cleveland, Ohio, or the surrounding areas and want an amicable resolution to your divorce, call my office for a consultation.