Our Family Two Homes

One Family Two Homes

Our Family In Two Homes is a Resource Package used when you work with Jonetta either as a Lawyer or Mediator.  The materials provided allow families to reflect and prioritize interests and obtain awareness about their communication and problem-solving skills. This critical awareness will enable families to work efficiently to develop informed and durable resolutions.

I am one of the first practitioners in Ohio to use a new and innovative approach to help families work through the vital process of transitioning to a highly-functional divorce family.  As central to this  approach is a resource package that allows clients to work independently and with me to develop an understanding and awareness of the following critical components that allow for the development of a plan for families to move forward most successfully:

  1. Prioritize interests consistent with family values as you transition into Two Homes
  2. Reflect on decisions concerning the children
  3. Allocate assets and liabilities to provide for a healthy financial future
  4. Improve and develop productive Communication Skills
  5. Develop awareness of individual decision making and conflict styles to enhance cooperation
  6. Educate families on Ohio law relevant to dissolving a marriage
  7. Understand the information needed and why this information is important
  8. Engage problem-solving skills required for durable resolutions

And more….

Materials within “Our Family in Two Homes” are customized for families with minor children (Our Family in Two Homes) and parents of adult children (Our Family in a Few Homes).

The first part of the workbook is self-guided work to allow for reflection at your own pace and assist you and Jonetta as your lawyer/or mediator to focus on what is important to you.  The workbook helps you to prepare for the discussions you will have with Jonetta and your spouse. With this resource material and Jonetta’s guidance, you may be able to move efficiently toward an agreement with your spouse.

For more information about Our Family in Two Homes Resource Package, please contact me at jonetta@dorogilaw.com.