Parent Coordination

Research shows that it is in the best interests of the children to maintain healthy relationships with both parents. If parents argue in front of the children, suggest that they need to choose who to love, or even unintentionally let the divorce conflict affect the children’s lives, they can do severe emotional damage.

Parent Coordination gives both parents help with improving post-divorce communication skills and assists the parties with decision making within the parameters of the authority provided by the parties’ agreement when an issue is unclear or not addressed in the parenting plan. The focus of Parent coordination is on the children’s best interest and setting up a healthy co-parenting relationship for the future.

Father & Son

When to Consider Parent Coordination

Parent coordination is often used following a high-conflict divorce.  The Parent Coordinator, in most cases, is identified in the parties’ Divorce Judgment Entry. Parent coordination is designed to diminish conflict and help both parents productively raise their children.

How Parent Coordination Works

Parents work together with a parent coordinator who acts as an objective third party to educate about communication and co-parenting and assist the parties in implementing their parenting plan. The parent coordinator may mediate post-decree parenting issues and make parenting decisions for the children’s best interest within the scope of his/her authority. When the Court appoints a parent coordinator, the parent coordinator will ensure that the parents follow Court orders and file decisions on parenting issues within the scope of his/her authority.

The parent coordinator will usually start by meeting with both parents together. She will continue to follow up with the parties as needed utilizing both joint and individual meetings, monitor e-mail communications, using a personalized communication tool shared with the parent coordinator, and correspond with parties by e-mail and telephone.  She may also suggest the use of ancillary specialists, such as child therapist and/or communication coach to help the parties gain self awareness, enhance co-parenting skills and help the parties understand the developmental needs of their children. The parent coordinator will make sure both parents are following the Court Ordered parenting plan and support the efforts of the parties as they work to  become a high functioning divorced family.

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