Prenuptial Agreements

When you’re planning your wedding, the focus is on how many people to invite, what to wear, where to go on your honeymoon, and maybe buying a new house. A divorce is likely the last thing on your mind. Bringing up a prenuptial agreement can feel like a sign of distrust or less than full commitment to many people. In reality, a prenuptial agreement is a sign of being responsible enough to plan for the future, and it will likely help communication about important issues related to your marriage.

Contract Signing

Helping to Avoid a Divorce

Love and logic don’t always go together. When people race into a marriage, they may not realize that they have very different ideas about what they want in life. One of the most common reasons for divorce is disagreements over how to handle the finances.

Creating a prenuptial agreement forces you to very carefully consider things like joint and individual bank accounts, budgeting, and how you and your soon- to- be spouse will make significant decisions. Many couples who do not create a prenuptial agreement never talk about these types of issues until it’s too late. The process of creating a prenuptial agreement can significantly reduce the chances of you ever having to use it.

Protecting Yourself Just in Case

Everyone goes into a marriage thinking theirs will last forever. Unfortunately, many marriages don’t. Think of a prenuptial agreement like a road map to resolving marital issues in the event your marriage terminates. While the chances of having to use your prenuptial agreement are low, the results of not having one could be financially devastating.

Spouses who had significant assets before marriage or uneven incomes during a marriage are especially at risk for a costly divorce. Feelings of unfairness can quickly destroy the chances of an amicable divorce. A prenuptial agreement provides a clear roadmap for a peaceful settlement, no matter how hostile emotions may be.

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